Hamblin Style Sloppy Joes

One of our favorite ways to use ground beef - Sloppy Joes! But this time using our own beef took it to a whole new level and sense of satisfaction.

Pasta Carbonara à la Jim Davis

Ok, here is another great set of recipes for using some eggs: Caesar Salad and Pasta Carbonara. Both are pretty easy, and the results are amazing and you’ll end up using 7 eggs between the two.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham? Yes Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!

This is one of my go-to breakfasts both on the weekend and during the week because it’s so quick to make and looks way fancier than the effort it takes. You can tweak the below ingredients to your liking – sometimes I’ll add sliced tomato or avocado. Whatever you do, don’t skip the garlic! It’s key!

Et tu Brute? Eat it Caesar!

If I’ve ever cooked dinner for you before, you know one of my “go-to” recipes is Caesar salad. This isn’t the creamy version you find at most restaurants. This is the traditional, authentic, salty anchovy, and tangy lemon version. I’ve adapted this recipe over the years – initially learning as a kid from my mom and one of her old McCall’s cookbooks, to watching it made table-side year after year at Bern’s Steakhouse (we usually celebrate one of our birthdays or wedding anniversary there).