Tallow Balm

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Using every part of the animal whenever possible is one of our core values.  Tallow is made from rendering the hard white fat (suet) that surrounds a cow’s organs. Basically - tallow is to cows what lard is to pigs.

Not only is tallow an excellent fat to cook with due to its high smoke point, but it makes for an amazing moisturizer! Its saturated fat properties are very similar to our skin, which means it readily absorbs without being greasy. It’s also been very well received by those with sensitive skin and even psoriasis.

Our balm is made from pasture-raised tallow, almond oil, and essential oils. Currently we offer our Tallow Balm in the following scents: Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli, and Cedarwood.


  1oz $6

 2oz $9

4oz $15