Hamblin Hills Pasture Raised Eggs

hamblin hills farm eggsOur chickens live on pasture year-round in an “egg mobile”. They sleep in the egg mobile overnight and roam on pasture during the day, protected from predators with electric netting. Their egg mobile is moved every few weeks to fresh pasture. By letting the chickens range on pasture, they have access to a diet full of grass and bugs in addition to their daily ration of grain – not to mention the open air and sunshine. This equates to a more vibrant yellow yolk with a much richer and flavorful taste.

We raise our egg layers using methods that leverage symbiotic relationships among species and their environments to produce amazing tasting food while doing our part to ensure sustainability of the land. By rotating the egg layers on pasture grasses where the cattle have been, the chickens scratch the cow manure into the ground, leaving behind fuller grass for the next round of animals to graze on. They also eat fly larvae which helps keep the flies down for the cattle.

Eggs are $5 per dozen and are available weekly for pick-up in Parrish, St. Petersburg, and Oldsmar. Contact us to make arrangements!

Hamblin Hills Fresh Eggs Pricing

1 Dozen: $5

Available for pick-up in Parrish, St. Petersburg, and Oldsmar

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