hamblin hills farm roast chicken dinnerOur chickens are pasture raised in hoop houses with an open floor which allows the chicken to scratch and graze on the pasture. We move the hoop house daily, so they always have access to fresh pasture but are still protected from predators. By doing so, they enjoy a diet full of grass and bugs in addition to their daily ration of grain – not to mention the open air and sunshine. This equates to a healthy chicken with a rich and flavorful taste.

We raise our chickens using methods that leverage symbiotic relationships among species and their environments to produce amazing tasting food while doing our part to ensure sustainability of the land. By rotating the chickens on pasture grasses where the cattle have been, the chickens scratch the cow manure into the ground, enriching the soil, which in turn grows more nutrient-rich grass for the next round of animals to graze on. They also eat fly larvae which helps keep the fly population down which would otherwise bother the cattle.

Our chickens are sold as whole chickens and are available September through May. Not sure how to cook a whole chicken or cut it up? Don’t worry. Visit our Recipes and Blog section for tips and dinner ideas. We also sell the chicken livers, hearts, and gizzards which can be fried as an appetizer or used to spruce up some dirty rice. Our chicken necks and feet make some of the most hearty chicken broth - you'll never buy store bought again!

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our pasture raised chicken or reserve a whole chicken.

Pricing (Weight Price):

  Game Hen (2 – 2.9 lbs) $12

Small Fryer (3 – 3.9 lbs) $14

Fryer (4 – 4.9 lbs) $16

Broiler (5 – 5.9 lbs) $18

Large Broiler (6 – 6.9 lbs) $20

hamblin photo framed chickens 2