Hamblin Hills Beef

hamblin hills ribeyeWe raise Beefmaster steers - known for their tolerance for our hot Florida climate as well as their intelligence and docile demeanor. Our steers are born on a ranch right here in Parrish that is owned by a local family. The steers come to our farm around 6 months old. They live on pasture all day their entire life - free to roam and relax as they please. They are grass-fed and offered grain as a supplement. They are humanely raised and slaughtered on-site.

Our steers are sold by the quarter at various times during the year. Buying a quarter of a steer ensures your freezer is well stocked with flavorful beef year-round. Your portion includes a combination of steaks such as the prized ribeye and porterhouse, sirloin and rump roasts, lots of ground beef as well as some of the less commonly bought cuts like skirt steak, short ribs, soup bones, and organs.

We believe it’s important for people to understand what kinds and quantities of cuts come from a cow and learn to cook with all of them. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with how to prepare them. Visit our recipes page where you’ll find cooking instructions and recipes.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our beef or reserving a portion for your family.

Hamblin Hills Beef Pricing

Sold Whole or by the 1/4

Contact for Pricing and Availability

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