Hamblin Hills Farm

hamblin hills farm egret cow water troughE905D776 FEF4 5591 3CC3 FFF07ACE5A5DHamblin Hills Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Bill and Frances Hamblin. Located in Parrish, FL, Hamblin Hills offers pasture raised eggs, chicken, and beef. All our animals are raised on pasture and live out their lives enjoying fresh green grass and sunshine the way nature intended.

We raise them using methods that leverage symbiotic relationships among species and their environments to produce amazing tasting food while doing our part to ensure sustainability of the land. Our animals are cared for and loved from the moment they arrive on our land, to the time they end up on your plate.

We believe food is meant to be savored and enjoyed among the fellowship of family and friends. When you cook with fresh, humanely raised ingredients like our pasture raised meats and eggs, you will most certainly taste the difference. By purchasing locally raised products, you become more connected with your food and local farmer.

Farm Hours:

Hamblin Hills Farm is open by appointment only. Please email us and let us know if you would like to come by so we can schedule some time to show you around.

Pick Up:

Our products are available for pick-up weekly in Parrish, St. Petersburg, and Oldsmar. Just message, call, or email us to make arrangements!

hamblin photo framed eggs